Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 ways to save on your wedding day.

10 ways to save on your wedding day.

Weddings can be super expensive when your paying for them yourselves, but there are many way that you can cut costs and still have a beautiful day.

1. Pick an off date and time-There are just not enough Saturday nights in the week! Try working with a different day of the week – Friday night, Sunday brunch? How about a Thursday night or Saturday afternoon? Moving away from Saturday will give you extra money to splurge with!

2. Pick an off Month- Sure May-July are great warm months perfect for weddings, but a January through March bride will save a lot more money, and Sept-Nov are great cool days. By working with off months, many vendors will be a lot more flexible with their pricing since they need the money. So, you may still have your Saturday night wedding, it just may need to be indoors! Think Winter Wonderland!

3. Choose a location that comes with everything- You may think that with an empty space like your back yard may save you money but you not have to find food chairs tables and so on. When looking for a space ask what comes in the package. A lot of places include food packages, linens, and sometimes the center pieces.

4. Skip the favors- Yea there cute and can be super matchy with your theme, but honestly most people forget them anyways. If you really want to do something you can make a donation in your guests name. Most charities will even provide you with cards that you can put at the place setting.

5. Watch your menu- Don’t assume a buffet will be less expensive. There may be less staff involved, but there is a lot more food, thus increasing your costs. An elegant seated luncheon or dinner of appetizer, salad, entrĂ©e and wedding cake will be plenty. If you have a sweet tooth – skip the salad and opt for an extra dessert.

6. Borrow borrow borrow- Borrow shoes, jewlery, head pieces, anything you can think of. Your only going to wear it once and it will just collect dust. Make sure you give it back though.

7. Flowers Flowers are a big way to save money. Work with your florist and use what is in season. Exotic flowers are pretty but cost triple. You can even do some flowers your self. Hand tied bridemaids boquets are really popular right now.

8.Book Soon- The closer out you book, the more flexible your vendors will be. A date that sits empty is lost forever, but a last minute booking can be golden for both them and you. If you can get your act together is less than six months, you will have a bargaining advantage.

9. Sample sales- Shop sample sales for dresses. You'll save big money and get an amazing dress.

10. Cut the list- Cut your guests lists. How many long distance relatives and long ago friends do you need to invite?  Invite the people closest to you. This will make your day more meaningful and you'll be able to mingle and dance more.

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