Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall flowers

Fall is a beautiful season to get married. The leaves on the trees are exploding with color and the cool air is comfortable. Fall colors look perfect in a wedding, and fall wedding flowers serve as a perfect accent piece. A fall theme wedding will include fall colors. What are fall colors? They are the colors that you naturally see occurring in the fall season – burgundy, apricot, mustard yellow, and dark greens and warm browns

Four fall trends for flowers

1. Go Bold- Choose deep hues of the classic flowers – hydrangeas, calla lilies, and roses. Copper, plum, green, and burgundy are very popular choices. The deeper and more dramatic the color shade, the more beautiful they will seem at this time of the year.

2. Think outside the vase- Instead of the typical glass vase, look for wooden boxes, baskets, carved wood, and even pumpkins!

3. Texture, texture, texture- Instead of using a single flower, like all calla lilies, mix it up by having the calla lilies as the focal flower but mix in several other types of flowers, berries, and plant material all in bold, beautiful, deep hues to give it texture. A textured bouquet is extremely beautiful to view and especially looks fabulous against the backdrop of a beautiful wedding dress.\

4. Wraping- This popular trend has been around for a few years and really has taken off. It involves wrapping the stems of bouquet with various types of ribbons and material. This provides and interesting accent and a beautiful finishing touch.

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