Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall centerpieces

Ahhhh! Fall, my favorite season. Nice crisp air, vibrant colors, and my fav Pumpkin Coffee! A centerpiece often defines a whole space and can give your home the feel you are looking for. I found some great ones just in time for the leaves to turn!

This one is pretty easy to make. Cut a small hole in the top of ur pumpkin add a candle and some accents. Dont use a scented candle, the smell could actually make your guests sick.
The top of this pumpkin is removed and carved out. You can either fill it with water and add a floating candle or just anchor one to the bottom. Wrap around some fake leaves and your all set.
This center piece is made from a pie pumpkin filled with sunflowers dahlias roses and calla lillies.

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